Modern gaming machines are different from classical ones in the quality of graphics, functionality, types of jackpots. Multi-line slots are popular in all online casinos, because in addition to the technical advantages, they also increase the probability of winning a serious amount of money.

The range of slots with a lot of lines makes them accessible to all categories of players, as they offer different types of bets. The classic number of lines varies between 9-25, but the range is wider: from 1 to 50 and up to 100 in the game. For beginners it will be easier to integrate into the game with 3 reels and 3-5-9 lines. Also available is the help section with the value table of the current characters and the winning coefficients.

Betting strategy

You can bet on one line or the maximum number, it all depends on the risk that the player is willing and the size of his bankroll. Beginners are advised to delve into the principle of the game with a minimal investment, betting on the average number or the highest number of lines. Play options are conveniently configured at the customer’s discretion. And even with cautious and prudent investments, there is always the possibility of earning a significant monetary reward.

More experienced customers can find the middle ground between the size of the bets and the number of lines. Visitors who play video slots professionally know when to take a risk and when to wait for the jackpot, or at least the maximum allowed with the highest bet for the maximum number of lines.

The characteristics of multiline slots

In addition to being able to choose the number of active lines, also in Internet cafes in Peru you can find the models of the slots with their fixed number, where you can only play on all the lines at the same time. We mark the main characteristics:

  • Advanced graphics, animation and minimal details
  • The availability of bonus rounds
  • Original special characters
  • Large range of acceptable bets
  • Additional possibilities

As a general rule, the slot with the most lines has the highest quality and the specifications mentioned. But machines with 3-15 lines will also give incredible pleasure from bonus rounds and free spins and lucrative win multipliers.

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