"Despite some humidity (every day a Bad Hair Day) and arterialis horribilis, I really, really enjoyed this Congress [CNU 20]. So... much... fun. It had something to do with narrow corridors, i.e., Clematis Street and the hallway of the convention center. It was really easy to find old friends and run across new people." - Sandy Sorlien, Smart Code Local, Center for Applied Transect Studies, long-time Congress attendee.

"Beyond the excitement of meeting some of my favorite thinkers, I found myself discussing and debating architecture and urban policy with some absolutely brilliant, passionate people. I was very impressed with how open the speakers were to criticism and dissent. It gave the conference a much more dynamic feel. I'm most excited to have come home with a mission; mining data for insights that can help to reshape the policies that institutionalize sprawl." - Chris Kozak, Thoughtworks, first-time Congress attendee, CNU 20.

"I wanted to congratulate you and the CNU staff for hosting an excellent congress in Madison [CNU 19]! Great setting, great food, interesting topics discussed formally and informally." - Dan Parolek, Opticos Design

"Edward Glaeser was awesome. Just incredible. That talk was worth the entire cost of admission." - Charles Marohn, Strong Towns

"I attended my first Congress for the New Urbanism in 2004. It completely changed how I viewed my job as a public official and how I imagined what was possible for Austin. Virtually all of the exciting trends happening in urban development have come from the New Urbanism movement. The Congress is that dynamic moment each year when public officials, developers, planners and private citizens come together and learn how we can make all of these exciting trends become realities in our communities." - Brewster McCracken

"When I listened to Mayor Norquist explain at the Milwaukee Congress how his less-than-desirable downtown highway would become a boulevard, I truly understood then that our time had arrived as town planners. Since then, the annual Congresses have given our firm, Gateway Planning Group, the opportunity to compare notes and seek out cutting edge approaches for the design of urban villages and the streets that anchor them." - Scott Polikov

As the quotes above attest to, it's no secret that the annual Congress for the New Urbanism is the leading venue for New Urbanist education, collaboration and networking. Every year, the top minds and practitioners from around the globe travel to the CNU event to engage with the ideas that give shape and meaning to the communities we inhabit. By congregating a diverse collection of planners, architects, academics, government officials, students, and citizen-activists, CNU creates a community for the design of ideas, and readies them for application.