[Open Innovation] Curated by NextGen, this collection of ideas from all aspects of New Urbanism will call attention to emerging ideas in New Urbanism. As Gen X and Gen Y (and soon Gen Z) take on new roles in our society, the changing landscape will create both challenges and opportunities, requiring new techniques and methods to implement the CNU Charter.

What is NextGen?

The Next Generation of New Urbanists is a fellowship within the Congress for the New Urbanism with three goals:

  • To provide a forum for new participants, new ideas, and new voices - from both within and from outside formal New Urbanist circles.
  • To function as a network that connects those of us interested in the advancement of New Urbanist theory and practice to ever changing realities.
  • To establish an infrastructure that will outlast any NextGen "member" that supports future leaders and provides a continual input of creative energy and new personalities into CNU.

Visit for more info. Watch the [Open Innovation] Curated by NextGen Video from CNU 20 below, and get a taste of what's to come at CNU 21: Living Community.