2013 Call For New Urban Research

CNU 21 will focus on “LIVING COMMUNITY: a product of the relationship between the lives of people, the creation of place, and their impacts on nature.”

This year’s submissions focus on the notion of Tactical Urbanism – a topic which was recently acknowledged by the curatorial committee of the Venice Biennale as one of the most pervasive global urban movements since the “Situationist International” protests in May of 1968, in France. The selected papers concentrate on real examples demonstrating the feasibility or lack of practicality of projects motivated by activism rather than politics. The intention is to deliver a summary of academic investigations exploring the appropriation of cities, the current change in the culture of planning, and the intrusions caused by projects with small life spans.

The Call for New Urban Research Team has selected six papers for presentation at CNU 21 in Salt Lake City, UT:

Tactical Urbanism: Planning from the Bottom Up

Friday, May 31, 2013 | 2:00PM - 3:15 PM
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Tactical urbanism proposes an alternative understanding of urban design and a change in the culture of planning—from a top-down strategy to a bottom-up tactic. These presentations will focus on three case-studies for the production of non-institutional and temporary urban interventions.

Retrofitting Suburbia and Informal Slums in the Latin-American Context
Oscar Carracedo

From Master Plans to Punctual Interventions (slums in Barcelona)
Oscar Carracedo and Adolf Sotoca

Revitalizing Neighborhoods Through Temporary Urbanism
Kimberly C. Driggins 

Tactical Urbanism: Methods and Practices

Saturday, June 1, 2013 | 2:00 PM - 3:15 PM
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Tactical urbanism offers temporary revisions to the configuration of undervalued urban spaces. This session will focus on bottom-up tactics, everyday life interventions, methodologies, and informal projects delivering structural environmental changes of long term significance.

Tactical Urbanism; Origins of the Denver Bike Sharing System
Wesley E. Marshall, Andrew Duvall, and Deborah Main

From Parking to Park: Transportation Impacts & Value of Parklets
Danielle Dai

Tactical Urbanism Using "Pattern Language" Toolkits
Michael Mehaffy

We are no longer accepting submissions for CNU 21.

Check back for updates on CNU 22; Buffalo, NY June 4-7, 2014.